Herpatch Prevention and Serum Competition Winners

publication date: Dec 10, 2015

To treat cold sores and prevent the virus being passed on – especially to babies and those with compromised immune systems – use Herpatch Serum and Herpatch Prevent.

We had 15 packs of these two products to be won. Here are our winners:

  • Shelley Jessup, Catterick 
  • Georgie Aronin, Haslemere
  • Tim Millar, Northampton
  • Kristy Brown, Haverfordwest 
  • Kay Adams, Peterborough
  • Paul Stephens, Hereford 
  • Paul Stephens, St Newlyn East
  • Tammy Tudor, Wigan
  • Darren Abbott, Barnsley 
  • Elizabeth Pullman, Preston 
  • John Pepworth, Troon
  • Ruth Deery, Derry
  • Joanne Greer, Stockport 
  • Denice Copland, Perth PH1 2PU
  • Caroline Willoughby, Basingstoke

Our thanks to Herpatch for sponsoring this competition.