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publication date: Sep 15, 2011
author/source: Anne Coates

When ten year old Laure's family move to a new area during the school summer holidays, the first person she meets, Lisa, assumes she is a boy and thus Michael is born! For a short while Laure lives out her fantasy of being "one of the boys" in this gentle yet thought-provoking French film, Tomboy.

Laura's exciting new identity is soon discovered by her younger sister, Jeanne, who joins in the subterfuge. So while life at home continues in the build-up to the baby about to be born, Laure and Jeanne live out an amazing game of make-believe that certainly must end as the new school term approaches.

This is an exquiste observation of French family life as well as children on the cusp of adolescence. Laure, played in a beautifully understated way by Zoe Hèran, proves herself capable of football and fighting but not peeing standing up. It seemed the whole audience held its collective breath as she had her first kiss with Lisa (Jeanne Disson).

However Malonn Levana who plays the little sister Jeanne upstages everyone as she steals the show with her dazzling smile, hairdressing skills and a whole narrative about her "big brother Michael".

This is a great film for all the family especially if your children are studying French!

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥

Tomboy: certificate U, 82 mins
Hold Up Films & Productions in association with Canal Plus, Arte France Cinema and Film Distribution.
UK release date: 16 September, 2011