At-Home Health Check by BetterYou

publication date: Mar 25, 2020
author/source: Fiona Jack

 BetterYou Test Kit

According to research by Deloitte, as many as one in three consumers “want” personalised products, with 71 per cent prepared to pay a premium for tailored-to-them purchases.The vitamin and mineral industry is no different, with a growing number of the population demanding bespoke formulations catering for their age, diet or lifestyle.


Renowned for its range of tailored nutritional supplements, pioneering health brand, BetterYou has launched a range of at-home test kits comprising; a Vitamin B12 Test Kit, Iron Test Kit and new-look Vitamin D Test Kit.

Designed with convenience in-mind, the at-home health checks allow people to assess their requirements and make personal and educated choices when purchasing nutritional supplements from the brand’s best-selling oral spray range.


Each test provides detailed results along with a personal supplementation plan based upon levels recommended by Public Health England. Unique to the company, and testament to confidence in the effectiveness of its supplement range, any BetterYou customers found to be seriously deficient will also be offered a retest free of charge.

Fiona Jack tried out the Iron Test Kit.

The kit is well packaged, and the instructions clear. The packaging and literature is also 100 per cent recyclable. It is necessary to register online first, but this is a straightforward process.

Following the instructions given I was able to obtain the blood sample with ease, and fill the sample tube to the required level. It is then necessary to fill in details on a label which is to be attached to the sample tube. I found this a fiddly process due to the size of the label and the sample bottle. The sample is then placed into envelope provided and posted. You need to confirm online that the sample has been posted.

I received the results the next day, being informed by email to check my account with them.

So this is an efficient and fast way to check blood levels, and for someone who is prone to low iron levels it would offer a way to monitor and manage their condition independently. Personally I feel it is something I would be unlikely to do on a regular basis as is recommended by the dashboard but it was reassuring as a one off test. 

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥


BetterYou’s range of test kits is available to purchase online at