Britax Romer DualFix i-Size child safety seat

publication date: Jul 4, 2018
author/source: Jack McDavid

Britax Romer DUAL FIX i-SIZE Car SeatIt was with some trepidation that I took delivery of a Britax Romer Dual Fix i-Size car seat for my year-old granddaughter Cora, for I had uncomfortable memories of the difficulties experienced in fitting such a product for my own daughter 30 years ago – difficulties which, I have to confess, I finally resolved through a visit to my local garage.

I am happy to report that no such professional assistance was required this time round.

With a little help from my son-in-law – and the excellent how-to-do-it video he called up on his iPhone – I had the (admittedly surprisingly heavy) seat out of its packaging and fitted into the car in a matter of minutes. I was also reassured by the patently sturdy and secure feel of the installed product which, I’m pleased to note, meets all the current national and international safety requirements. 

In terms of use, the fact that the seat rotates a full 360˚ is a great advantage – even at Cora’s present tender age – and will, I suspect, become even more so as she grows. As well as reducing the strain on my almost-70-year-old back while getting her in and out of the car, it also renders the strapping-in process a relatively simple process (even with a sometimes recalcitrant baby). It also means that the seat will remain suitable for use until is Cora four years old – which, given the stiff(ish) price of the product, much increases its value-for-money credentials.

Although I have not yet undertaken any real long journeys, Cora (who, unlike many babies, is not given to falling peacefully into slumber as soon as the engine is running) shows every sign of being at ease in her new berth, to the extent that our outings have, to date, been more-or-less grizzle-free. I suspect that this can be put down in great part to the comfortable recline position and firm support for head and neck.

All in all, I am able to describe myself as a very satisfied customer so far – with every expectation of remaining so over the next three years.

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

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