Feel Fabulous Skincare Collection for Women 40+

publication date: Jul 13, 2021
author/source: Anne Coates

Feel Fabulous Skincare collection

Women over 40 keen to drench their skin in goodness can now tap into the bountiful hydration and restoration properties of natural ingredients while also creating soothing moments of self-care with the launch of the new Feel Fabulous skincare collection. The range includes vegan and cruelty free creams, scrubs, cleansers, oils and masks, all of which have been carefully crafted for women seeking an effective self-care routine while also ageing gracefully.


This British brand sources powerhouse natural ingredients from indigenous plants retrieved from the four corners of the globe. The entire skincare collection is manufactured in the UK using natural, skin nourishing elements free from harmful oils, sulphates, and parabens.



Developed specifically with treating mature complexions in mind, the entire collection has been especially formulated to drench skin in nourishment, restore elasticity, smooth fine lines and revitalise dull, tired complexions.


For those looking for a double dose of hydration, The Super Glow Duo, couples an antioxidant rich facial serum brimming with vitamins with a deeply moisturising facial oil which harnesses the power of six skin-loving ingredients to  replenish the complexion, boost hydration and smooth, leaving skin glowing with wellness.


Congested, stressed skin is revived and rebalanced with the Pink Revival Face Mask. Formulated to cleanse, moisturise and hydrate it penetrates into the dermis to deep clean unhappy skin. Hyaluronic Acid, Oat Silk and a potent blend of actives  remove environmental pollutants, refine the appearance of pores and restores clarity, leaving skin visibly smoother, healthier and softer to the touch after just ten minutes.


I loved using this mask and my skin did indeed feel fabulous afterwards. One tip – if you have any of the product left on your fingers, massage into the backs of your hands as a treat for them. 


With an intense vitamin-rich formula, the Sparkle Eye Cream nourishes the delicate under-eye area. A careful blend of vitamins and antioxidants delivers a moisture boost to combat the signs of ageing and gently blend aware fine lines. Use this morning and at night for maximum effect. You only have to put on a tiny amount so very cost effective as well.


PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 


All products available from the Feel Fabulous website.