Graceful Changes – Ethical Baby & Toddler Clothes Rental Subscription Service

publication date: Aug 11, 2020
author/source: Anne Coates

Graceful Changes

The concept behind Graceful Changes is simple, for a monthly subscription fee of £30 (including postage) they provide a complete wardrobe of everything your baby or toddler needs to wear – from vests, to cardigans, to coats and snowsuits. They also stock special occasion outfits and seasonal wear such as sunsuits and beach hats.


When you need to exchange clothing (for example for the next size up, a special occasion, holiday, or seasonal change) we will then send a new selection of clothes and once you receive new items, you just need to return the ones you’ve finished using.


Graceful Changes caters from newborn up to age three and there are 15 items in our signature package helping parents and families to clothe their young children for less money and in a more sustainable way.

Graceful Changes


Hannah Smith-Hughes reports on her experience:

Signing up for the website was quite a long winded process to do and you do need to be fairly tech savvy to complete the process but one finished it's very straight forward to order the clothing.

The clothing; it came through quickly, well packaged, and with good communication and tracking available. 

The clothes are great quality, clearly worn but not tired. Clean and well presented. Some lovely small brands available such as Piccalilly and Kite. The clothing is comfortable and sturdy with lovely patterns. 

The only downside was the website does, in my opinion, require a bit more information (along with additional pictures) about each item as some aren't quite what I expected. 

PWT rating: four out of five hearts

For more information and to subscribe to Graceful Changes click here