Kid II Britax Roemer Car Seat

publication date: Aug 3, 2019
author/source: Kathryn Mayle

Kid ii Britax RoemerThe Kid II Britax Roemer has been incredibly easy to use. The isofix feels particularly secure when installed, no wobbling around in the brackets as some do. I particularly like how easy it is to adjust the head height and straps to fit a rapidly growing child. 

The seat is fairly well padded, particularly at the sides and definitely feels safe and secure. My child has found the jump from a group 0/1/2 seat to be quite significant as the padding around the inside of the seat is definitely less cushioned, particularly the head area. However, I believe this is simply the change in seat groups rather than a flaw with this particular design. 

Getting your child in and out of the seat is really straight forward, once you are used to threading the seat belts through the right bits. I found the video on the Britax website really helped me with this the first time I used it.  

For the smaller end of the age range on this seat, I would say the depth of the seat itself can be a tad uncomfortable, depending on how long their legs are. Despite meeting the age and height requirements for the seat, my son's legs are not quite long enough to comfortably bend over the edge of the seat and so he does look a little awkward, although he has not said anything. 

I feel the Kids II Britax Roemer is great value and I love that it is flexible enough that it will now adapt with my child up until he is so grown up, he will no longer need a car seat at all (gulp!).

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

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