Kidzpod – a lunchbox for the discerning schoolchild

publication date: Jan 31, 2013
author/source: Alex Bell

is a name you may not recognise but if you are in the market for a new lunchbox then it is certainly one to remember. The Kidzpod children's lunchbox has proved very popular with Pippa, aged 4 3/4, who has been testing the attractive pink model featuring a purple clasp and convenient handle. In Pippa's own words "It's really cool and pretty and looks like a handbag". We have been testing Kidzpod for the last few weeks and her fondness for it shows no sign of stopping.

The children's lunchbox market is full of options and I admit that we have owned a fair few insulated "character" bags as Toby and Pippa's tastes have changed and the insulated bags have become past their best. Kidzpod was designed by parents who wanted a lunchbox that is easy to clean inside and out, hygienic and could be customised so that it changes with the children. On all counts they have succeeded with a well designed product which boasts anti- bacterial protection added to the design at the time of manufacture so it's hygenic credentials are second to none. I have found it easy to keep clean because there are no seams or stitches to get dirty unlike traditional insulated chiller bags.

The cover is designed with a plastic film for your child to insert their own picture if desired. Pippa is fond of the design provided with hers so we have yet to test out other options. The box has a plastic clasp fastening which the children find very easy to use whilst I struggled initially, once they showed me the knack it was easy. The Kidzpod comes with a clear water bottle and has a lovely modern aesthetic.

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Kidzpod sells at £14.99 and is available through the Kidzpod website.