Move More At Your Desk by Kerrie-Anne Bradley

publication date: Apr 28, 2022

Move More At Your Desk by Kerrie-Anne BradleyWe keep being told that we are sitting for too long at our desks. Kerrie-Anne Bradley has the answer to the problems associates with inactivity in her excellent book, Move More At Your Desk. Here she describes her Shake Break:

Before describing movements geared toward specific body parts, I want to introduce you to one of my favourite ways to move. This is what I do at the start of every Pilates At Your Desk workshop, and something I probably do myself at least six times a day. It’s very simple; you just stand up and shake all your body bits out. This is how I teach it:

1. Start by shaking out your feetLift your left foot off the floor and wiggle it around a little, point and flex your toes, and then replace it and do the same with the right.

2. Move onto your legsLift one leg out to the side and give it a little shake, and then do the same with the other. A little Irish jig-esque action with legs shaking out to the side would work. Or if you prefer, go for a full-on Hokey Cokey style!

3. Wiggle your bottomShake it à la Shakira (side to side–let it be free!).

4. Jiggle your bellyWobble it around. A little bouncing helps with this.

5. Shimmy your chestGet the shoulders involved too!

6. Throw your arms in the air like you just don’t care!Bring them above your head almost like you’re swatting flies.

7. Move your head aroundI like to embody the nodding-dog-in-a-car vibe when doing this, letting my head move freely!

8. Do all of the above all at once! Really go for it. Get that heart rate up and make sure all those body parts are moving. Make yourself smile!

Extracted from Move More at Your Desk: Increase Your Energy at Work & Reduce Back, Shoulder & Neck Pain by Kerrie-Anne Bradley. Available now from Watkins Publishing or at any good book retailer.