Five PANDEMONIO Games To Be Won

publication date: Nov 1, 2017

Pandemonio from Drumond Park

Here’s your chance to win the unique, wild and wacky new card-swapping game where everyone plays at once!

The riotous new PANDEMONIO from Drumond Park (rrp £19.99, for age eight to adult) is a brilliant, quick-fire card trading game for up to eight people – where everyone plays at once, all the time. Yes – it’s sheer pandemonium… loud, raucous, and, of course, extremely funny. And with two levels of game play it’s perfect for all age and skill groups.

The basic premise is card-swapping mayhem, all overseen by the hilariously characterful Wind-up Colin – the coffee cup timer who keeps time in every round by marching down his track in the centre of the colourful playing board. In keeping with all the very best board games, PANDEMONIO is simplicity itself to play, especially Level 1. Each turn, players must collect as many cards as possible, all with the same image that their playing piece is sitting on (bicycles, headphones, planes, false teeth etc). Everyone starts with eight cards, and Colin is wound up and set off along his track. This is the point where everyone gets swapping madly (with cards FACE DOWN – so you don’t know what you’re getting!) for an equal number of an opponent’s cards. As Colin gets to the end of track, the swapping gets ever more frantic, until Colin grinds to a halt. Then everyone moves their playing piece along the board by the number of correct cards collected. If anyone has no matching cards, they just sit tight until the next go. Each round, the players must get rid of their old cards and collect cards that match the new board square their piece is now sitting on. The first player to get all the way up the board – to land on or pass the Start line – wins.

For added spice and to satisfy the most ardent of gamesters, Level 2 – the even more brilliant, advanced super PANDEMONIO – includes a myriad of Super Game Card combinations where you bring the Bonus Cards and ‘Headphone’/‘Coffee Cup’ spaces on the board into play – all clearly explained in the PANDEMONIO rules leaflet. This level is guaranteed to add even more tension and excitement to the game. Whichever Level you choose to play, PANDEMONIO is an ingenious, quick-fire game that’s second to none – and guaranteed to provide hours of brilliant, multi-generational fun.

To be in with a chance of winning, just answer this question:

How many people can play PANDEMONIO?

Please write PANDEMONIO in the subject line of your email and include all your contact details.

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The winners will be the senders of the first five correct entries opened at random after 12pm on Wednesday 29 November, 2017.

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