Resilient by Rick Hanson

publication date: Apr 7, 2018
author/source: Anne Coates

Resilient by Rick HansonResilience certainly seems the buzz word at the moment. We want our children to be resilient in a world which is often confusing and negative. We ourselves often suffer from anxieties and fears, disappointment and frustrations. Some of us feel lonely and resentful. None of this does us any good and most of us would like to find a better way to live and experience life.

Dr Rick Hanson is internationally known for his blend of neuroscience, positive psychology and contemplative practises and in his latest book, Resilient – Find Your Inner Strength, he presents 12 highly effective tools to work with regularly to reinforce the positive in our lives.

Like anything that is worth doing, working with these tools takes time and practise but with Hanson's guidance, you can learn to build your resilience as part of your daily routine.

The 12 tools are each the subject of a chapter and the book is divided into four parts:

Recognizing: Compassion, Mindfulness, Learning

Resourcing: Grit Gratitude, Confidence

Regulating: Calm, Motivation, Intimacy

Relating: Courage, Aspiration, Generosity

In his introduction, Rick Hanson suggests that Resilient – Find Your Inner Strength can be used in different ways and there are various options to be explored. At the end of each chapter are Key Points which sum up what you have just worked through.

The book is written in an engaging manner which is easy to read, understand and absorb. Some of the information will seem like common sense (but we all need to be reminded of that!) or it will reinforce thoughts and suggestions you've had before. This is all to the good and will help you grow and maintain your inner strength.

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Published by Rider Books, Resilient: 12 Tools for transforming everyday experiences into lasting happiness by Rick Hanson is available from Amazon and book shops.