ROMER series ADVANSAFIX IV R Car Seat from Britax.

publication date: Dec 20, 2018
author/source: Christine Mayle

ROMER Advansafix IV R from BritaxWith an ever-growing family I was delighted when I was asked to review the latest upgrade of our existing BRITAX child’s car seat. Both my daughters and myself have used BRITAX car seats since their children were born and have always been extremely happy with the comfort and safety they offer. You could call us a BRITAX family. Our latest addition, Samuel (six weeks), also rides around in a BRITAX baby seat.

The latest one in the ROMER series ADVANSAFIX IV R continues this tradition with extra comfort and safety, and is easily adapted for older children from a 5-point to a 3-point belt.

The seat is designed for use with children aged nine months to 12 years (9kg – 36kg). Both our older grandchildren currently fall into the GROUP 1 category as they are 22 months and three years old and weigh less than 15 kg.

The instructions for installation are comprehensive but need to be read – preferably more than once – with the actual seat easily to hand; maybe on the living room floor or similar. Phrases such as "Press and hold the adjustment handle" are only really meaningful when you’ve found, pressed and held the actual handle (this encounter should not be experienced for the first time when contorted in the back of the car). 

The on-line video is clear (even if dealing with an isolated seat on a pedestal in a studio is so much simpler than working in the back of a car in the real-world) and the downloadable PDF is readily enlargeable).

Having the seat’s installation inspected matters; given the relative complexity of such a safety-critical task.  We approached a local Britax dealer in our case Halfords (they of car accessories and bikes fame) who were extremely helpful and very professional and totally unconcerned that we hadn’t bought it from them. After arranging to go to the store, one of their team of experts inspected the installed seat and pronounced himself well satisfied.

Smaller children are secured in the seat using the well-padded 5-point harness provided. As the child grows the seat operates effectively as a booster seat. It’s great to think that we will only need to use this one seat now until both Chloe and Matthew are "grown-up".

We are fortunate to have two cars and regard the seat as a semi-permanent car fixture whilst the children are still young. As they grow older the seat is flexible enough to easily adapt to a 3-point seat belt using the car’s existing adult’s belt. The adjustable soft padded headrest is also useful as the children are different heights. This headrest and the adjustable reclining positions provide additional comfort as is often demonstrated by the ease with which Chloe, particularly, falls to sleep on the way back from playgroup. Luckily she is easily transported still asleep into her cot for her morning nap once home.

There are lots of safety and comfort features with this ADVANSAFIX IV R that makes it of superior quality. These include: Side Impact Cushion Technology (SILT), side head protection and easily adjustable headrest and reclining positions. Also the cover is easily taken off for cleaning without removing the harness – useful when children make a mess particularly on longer journeys.

Before purchasing check that your car has the necessary tethering points and ISOFIX.

Congratulations BRITAX another brilliant success.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

For more information and where to buy visit Britax.