Storm Child by Sharon Sant

publication date: Apr 21, 2016
author/source: Jack Croxall

Storm Child by Sharon SantIn Sharon Sant’s novel Storm Child, 13-year-old Annie has a big problem. Her baby sister is a witch in an alternate Victorian society that does not look kindly upon such magical beings. Worse still, Annie lives in the care of Ernesto Black, a contemptuous man instructed by a ruthless power to find and do who knows what with magical children. Annie has no choice, then, but to leave her baby sister somewhere she’ll be safe. And this tearful goodbye is how the book opens.

Annie is not the only one living under the iron rule of Ernesto, however. Polly and Isaac, a pair of former street urchins, are also present. Polly (perhaps the book’s most excellent character) is under strict instruction to wheedle out where Annie took the baby, using a blossoming friendship as cover for doing so. The first half of the book is a masterstroke of shady motives, suspicion and Don’t trust him/her! moments, the perfect set up for learning all we need to know about the characters. The second half sees magic move more into the fray, with a wonderful action-packed climax and lots of juicy revelations.

Sant’s knowledge of the Victorian era is breathtaking. The characters feel so real (thanks in no small part to perfect use of slang in dialogue) and the world building is effortless. The plight of being a young person growing up in such a ruthless and unfair time is beautifully transmitted and the magic on show is subtle and well thought out. In short, a fine Victorian fantasy romp! 

PWT rating:♥♥♥♥♥ 

Storm Child by Sharon Sant is available as an ebook from Amazon.

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