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Supervising homework

publication date: Apr 27, 2007

Kids seem to fall into two groups: those who come home from school, unpack their bags and get on with their homework and those who need to be nagged into doing it – often at the last minute! 

Checking with your child each afternoon what homework she has and when she has to complete it by, helps set the scene for the action.

While some children like to work on their own away from the rest of the family, others like the reassurance of a parent nearby especially if she is not confident in the subject.

If your child is having problems:

  • Get her to read the question/task through several times to check what is needed.
  • Help her to use their text books (often a forgotten resource!) for relevant information.
  • Suggest ideas to explore rather than give the answers.
  • Consult websites: www.homeworkelephant.co.uk is a good place to begin.
  • Build up a network of friends, other parents and neighbours who may be able to swap help in a particular subject.
  • If she really can’t complete a piece of homework, send in a note explaining that she did try –  she might avoid a detention!