Travelling with Kids: How It Can Help Prepare Them for the Future

publication date: Apr 24, 2019


Family vacations are one of life’s greatest joys, but there is so much more to travelling with kids. Whether you go on exotic vacations overseas, skiing in wintry mountain getaways, or up the road to your favourite campsite, one thing is for sure: you’re helping your kids prepare for their future. 

Travelling opens their eyes and their minds

There is a huge world out there, and it is unlikely you and your kids will get to see all of it. Even so, the more destinations you visit together, the more you open their eyes to it. This means they won’t be limited to a small world view of everything around them. Instead, they become aware of different cultures, new landscapes, and most importantly, of how to respect people.

This is not only important for when they go through school and attempt to find a job, but in how they treat the people around them and this makes a crucial impact at home. 

Learning new languages

Knowing different languages is a skill highly valued by employers, especially as companies become more globalised. Yet, learning languages also enables kids to experience a destination in a whole new way. Getting insider secrets and interacting with locals are only two of the travel hacks kids can enjoy, plus it prepares them for travelling on their own.

While some languages are not widely spoken, those like Spanish and Mandarin Chinese are especially useful to have under your belt. To give kids of any age a fun way to learn, try out some easy, language learning apps for kids.

Making global connections

These language skills can also help your kids make connections with people all over the world. This could be great for building a career, but the best part is they can make lifelong friends with people they might never have met otherwise. Even without languages, this is still possible.

Having friends from all walks of life is important for keeping kids grounded – both now and in the future. When they grow up, your kids might travel to see these friends, where they could enjoy benefits like free accommodation or new travel experiences. In some cases, their friends could come over to visit them, too.

travel and creativityTravel and creativity

Creativity is one of the most valued attributes a person can have, both inside the workplace, and out. Though your kids will be encouraged to embrace creativity in the classroom, there is no better way to inspire it than by taking them travelling.

This is largely due to the fact that travelling takes them to places that they might only exist for kids in storybooks. Showing them that natural wonders and silvery cityscapes are real gives them a source of inspiration they can’t find anywhere else.

To help them be more creative on your travels together, ask them to take a notebook with them, or suggest starting a travel blog about their adventures. Bringing some classic adventure books for kids with you is a good starting point.

Learning how to adapt

Travelling, although rewarding, can also be extremely stressful. Sometimes, it might seem as though your vacation has thrown nothing but obstacles at you. Fortunately, when kids see stressful situations unfolding, they will learn from you how to solve problems, and how to go with the flow.

Your kids will likely face some tricky situations in the future. The great thing is that they will look back to those stressful times travelling, and apply their newfound problem-solving skills to their personal situation, a key skill for any sort of job role. 

holidays with kidsUnderstand what’s really important

Going on vacation with your kids is all about fun, and memories formed on these trips are undeniably beautiful, but they also play a big role in teaching your kids what is really important in life.

Most parents would agree that what’s important isn’t money or fame, but the times spent with your loved ones. As your kids grow up, they will look back on these times you shared with fondness, allowing them to appreciate every small moment, and of course, you. This philosophy may also act as a helping hand if your child encounters any dark times as an adult.