Wye by Jack Croxall

publication date: Jun 9, 2015
author/source: Sharon Shant

Wye by Jack CroxallIn Wye, YA author Jack Croxall takes the traditional zombie tale and turns it on its head.  The wonderful thing about Wye is that the twist is hiding in plain sight, and you don’t see it coming until it’s already snuck up on you; you’re simply left scratching your head, wondering at its brilliance.

Set in a landscape we now know well, everyone in the world has succumbed to a deadly virus that strips them of not only their lives, but any shred of humanity they might have possessed beforehand, and leaves them as a lumbering, slobbering, blood-thirsty freak.

So far, so traditional zombie tale, but if you think you know where it’s going, think again.  Few have survived, and for a teenage girl – codenamed Wye – there is only her and a ragged band of friends picked up on the road, and her chances of survival, as we are told straight away by means of her journal, are very slim indeed. 

It feels as though we are reading the dying words of the young girl already and this sense of inevitability is what provides much of the tension. There is a monster… or is there?  There is violence… or is there? There is genuine fear for the main character delivered through some brilliant unreliable narration. It’s hard to know what’s real, but this is what makes the story so gripping.

Wye is a satisfying, tension-filled read with a flawed but ultimately sympathetic main character.  You might find yourself appalled by the actions she takes, but in the end, would you do any differently?

PWT rating♥♥♥♥♥

Wye by Jack Croxall is available as an ebook from Amazon. Jack also wrote Tethers.

Sharon Shant is the author of Sky Song and The Memory Game.