You and the Universe by Stephen Hawking with Lucy Hawking

publication date: May 7, 2024
author/source: Anne Coates

You and the Universe


With illustrations by Xin Li, You and the Universe by Stephen Hawking with Lucy Hawking is an inspiring book for curious young minds published by Puffin Books

Based on Professor Hawking's 2018 Earth Day address, You and the Universe is an inspiring picture book asking children everywhere to look up and wonder at the world around them – just as Professor Hawking did his whole life.

The book is aimed at younger readers and sometimes the text is sparse, compensated by the fantastic illustrations.

Questions to some of the big science topics are perfectly explained for young readers by Professor Hawking's daughter, Lucy, and beautifully illustrated by Xin Li, this is a great read for curious minds.

]For me, the most interesting section is at the end of the book where they actually briefly answer some real scientific questions  written in a way that is easier for slightly older children to be able to understand and engage with. Younger children will need some explanation from an adult.

The little boy I gave this to, loved it.

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥

Published by Puffin Books, You and the Universe is available from bookshops or online.