Big and Small – CBeebies

publication date: Oct 5, 2008
author/source: Alex Bell

Toby (almost four) and his cousin Lily (aged four) have been watching the first episodes of CBeebies’ latest show, Big and Small, aimed at pre-school children. Their summary was "funny, yes very funny" as they requested a second episode.

Big and Small is about two best friends who are completely different – one big and one small. The programme focuses on their adventures as they live together in the country sharing a house and garden.

Lenny Henry provides the voices for Big and Small and Imelda Staunton voices their neighbours and friends. The bright aesthetic of the show has quite an American look and our pre-schoolers liked the house and the thought of sharing a house with your best friend and having a huge garden.

The humour and songs appealed the most to Lily and Toby. The messages about sharing, caring and welcoming diversity were easy to understand and put across in a fun way.

Tune into CBeebies on Monday 6 October at 8.10am for the first airing of Big and Small which runs every day for ten weeks.