Stress-free parenting tips

publication date: Jul 3, 2013
author/source: Article provided by Homesavvy

Mother and child in parkStress-free parenting? Is there such a thing? Let’s face it, whether you’re a first time mum to a newborn, or a mum or dad of three kids in their teens, it’s highly likely you’ll have looked stress straight in the glaring eye at some point along the way. We’ve all been there – and anyone who says they haven’t is a liar. Or a total hippy. If you’re neither a liar or a hippy and you’re looking for some hints and tips on how to be the guru of stress-free parenting, read on…

1. Forget the Small Stuff

When you're a parent every day is full of battles. Some big, some small. If you're on the quest for stress-free parenting you need to let go of the small battles. These battles are the silly little things that can really get to you – things like having banana smeared on your face by your toddler, finding the magazine you've just bought torn to shreds, or mud smeared all over the kitchen floor. All of these battles are hugely irritating but stop, take a moment and step back. You can always buy another magazine and banana or mud can be sorted out with Homesavvy cleaning tips. Repeat after me: 'It's not the end of the world'. Save your energy for the bigger battles that will come in time - probably when your darling son or daughter hits 14. As for those small battles, sigh, smile if you can, and move on.

2. Share your Kids

You’re desperate for a haircut, or a shopping trip that doesn’t turn into a screaming match, or you’re the sort of person who just wants to clean the house from top to bottom without having to watch a pair of too-curious two year olds at the same time. So, share your kids. Yep, all those mums you’ve met at the baby groups, the toddler mornings, the messy play times – they’re probably desperate for a bit of time off too. So make a deal – they look after your kid for a couple of hours while you do exactly what it is you want to do, and you return the favour next week. Your kid gets extra playtime and a chance to socialise and you do what you’ve been dying to. Everyone’s a winner.

3. One Thing at a Time

If you’re a stay at home parent you can soon find yourself in a whirlwind of household chores, children’s activities, and if you’re doing a bit of paid work from home – that too. Perhaps you’re in the middle of some home decoration and renovations, or maybe you’re trying to cook up a feast for a dinner party you’ve got planned. Either way, stop. Yes, as parents we always have to juggle things. But the key is to prioritise. If you try doing everything at once you’ll more than likely end up stressed, which can in turn lead to sleep or relationship problems. So do one thing at a time. Play with your kids. And we mean really play – don’t have the laptop on, or the TV on, or the washing on. Just play. You’ll enjoy the one-to-one time with your child and you’ll both benefit. Just remember the most important thing is giving your child the best start in life. Helping them learn, explore, discover. The dirty washing can wait.